The department of Anatomy of DCIMC has ultramodern facilities that meet all the requirements of undergraduate learning. The department was established in 2012. All the rooms are equipped witfull set of necessary instruments ( viscera, model, torso etc).

The department has high quality histology microscopes and also 100 slides which are supplied to the undergraduate students for learning.

The department has museum with 100 specimens. Three cadever, five headed microscope, etc to fulfill the students learning

The department is rich with qualified teachers who are devoted for academic improvements of the students. They teach the students in all branches of human Anatomy. They provided with computers and the offices have internet connection. There are normal and clinically relevant radiographs and CT scan for regular small group discussion with students. The department has two storage tank facility where three cadevers are stored

Anatomy, is a branch of medicine that studies the structure and functions of the human body.