Community Medicine

Community Medicine


The Department of Community Medicine has state-of-the-art facilities for the training of undergraduate students. The department has been involved in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health programs and activities in the local community. The department Uses innovative learning method like self learning modules, integrated teaching & interactive sessions.

The department also provides consultancy services to students for the design, data management analysis and report writing of undertaken research.

 General objective:

 To produce medical graduates to meet community health needs  and demands of the country.

Specific objectives:

  • provide comprehensive health care to the people
  • deliver primary health care and essential services package
  • conduct epidemiological studies on common health problems
  • organise health education sessions in the community / OPD
  • provide health care with appropriate attitudes
  • work a s a member of health team
  • co – ordinate with national and international health organizations and national health programmes

Core competencies

  1. Identify health needs and problems of the community and prioritize them.
  2. Take measures to meet health needs and problems
  3. Provide comprehensive health care to the community
  4. Organize health education sessons at the level of community
  5. Collect and compile sociodemographic data from the community
  6. To manage mass casuality incident
  7. Conduct community based research work and write report

Key Features:

  • The department of community medicine of Dhaka Central International Medical College provides high quality training in Community Medicine to undergraduate medical students.
  • Has been involved in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health programs and activities in its vast field practice area
  • Has a rich experience of handling various research projects in the field of public health
  • Has also played a key role in observing the national health programs by assisting government of Bangladesh
  • has been actively involved in the field of Primary health care through Ministry of Health & Family Welfare